ECOC 2017 – Welcome to Gothenburg


On this coming Sunday, ECOC 2017 finally starts in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a full day of workshops. The attendance is already very high, we estimate about 1100 participants, and the Exhibition is sold out for the first time since the heydays in 2001! Check out the final programme at – and the Postdeadline is excellent.

Gothenburg is a charming and friendly city with everything within walking distance, giving you an extremely efficient combination of technical and social exchanges with the latest and greatest in the field.

The conference 2017 is now also environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base Standard. This means that we have implemented around 50 actions to reduce the negative impact on the environment and be socially responsible. This also means that we encourage our partners to act in a sustainable way and for all visitors to participate in a climate friendly way, read more here >>

If you have not already registered for the conference you should do it today! There are still some places left for the social events, like the conference dinner which will be a nice opportunity to experience Gothenburg and a bit of its history, read more here >>

See you in Gothenburg next week!

Very welcome
Per O. Andersson
General Chair, ECOC 2017